Poliview® IV

Fully integrated system for complete image processing

The new Poliview®IV is the state-of-the-art forensic image detection and enhancement system. The fully integrated design enables image location, optical enhancement and capture, digital enhancement, rearrangement of images into reports through Windows-based software, and photo-quality print-outs.

World-beating sensitivity for maximum evidence detection

Final image quality depends most of all on the quality of the initial optical image. Poliview®IV's unmatched sensitivity is based on Rofin's long history of optical expertise. It incorporates the Polilight®, the purest forensic light source available, and top quality barrier filters. New camera options include a state-of-the-art Peltier-cooled CCD camera with 1024 x 1024 bit resolution and 14x zoom lens, capable of 10-minute integration times for very weak images.

view hidden handwriting pri nts on a document

Obliterated document before and after using the Polilight & Poliview

Fingerprints detected on document before and after using the Polilight & Poliview

Versatility and Convenient Functionality

The new Poliview®IV employs all available optical techniques - fluorescence, reflection, absorption, and transmission imaging. It is the ideal tool for latent fingerprint and document examination applications, as well as for serology and biological stains, gunshot residues, and fibres. Poliview®IV's flexible design accommodates large awkward objects and allows varied illumination angles.

Poliview®IV's powerful software provides convenient digital image enhancement and flexible presentation in a Windows environment. Its long list of functions includes one-key contrast stretching, FFT separation of overlapping fingerprints, automatic spike boosting, cut and paste, and image overlay. Real-time full-screen imaging, even of small images, is one of its new innovative features.

Thousands of images can be instantly stored, recalled, and compared, and a photo quality printer is provided as an option.

Training and Support

Poliview®IV comes with Rofin's commitment to after-sales support, which includes Polilearn®, a multimedia CD-ROM training and reference package dedicated to optical-based forensic techniques.

Poliview®IV is a registered trademark of Rofin Australia Pty Ltd.

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